Studies & Support for the Construction of a Public and Industrial Infrastructure

Saudi Arabia
Cities & Territorial Development

Project Description

As part of a large national program, our client aims to plan, promote, develop and manage high-intensity industrial cities with a customer focus and by building associations with investors, employees, communities and other stakeholders.
Within this industrial city, projects include major infrastructure and public facilities in community and industrial areas. They also consist of utilities and extensions at specific locations, facility upgrades and modifications, expansion or extension of existing facilities, bridges, buildings and various types of structures, and much more.

As part of a large nationwide programme, this client initiated several projects to build community and industrial infrastructure and facilities in an industrial town. This included planning, promoting, developing and managing industrial activity through major partnerships with investors. The client need was to to ensure the performance of

We have been mandated to carry out engineering design and architectural design, inclunding engineering and scoping studies, conceptual and detailed designs. We took in charge the bid management (RFP documents, bid analysis, input on contract award, review of submittals). In addition, we managed all issued on construction documents in respect to technical fields including the use of software applications.
In addition we also lent on-site construction support and other support services for projects related to the design of infrastructure and public facilities in community and industrial areas.
We were selected thanks to our significant experience and know-how in similar sized projects in other industrial cities.

This project involved key technical specialists and other specialists from associated companies in Saudi Arabia or abroad of the contractor, joint ventures, affiliates and partners.

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