Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study and Detail Design of 315 Bridges in Assam

Cities & Territorial Development

Project Description

The state of Assam is famously referred as the land of the red river. Every year, flooding from the Brahmaputra and other rivers deluges places in Assam. Consequently, there is a need to maintain damaged and collapsed bridges, replace temporary bridges, widen narrow bridges and build new ones.

In this context, Assystem Stup is commissioned to provide consultancy services for preparation of DPR and detail design of 315 bridges. Our services included field investigation, environment & social screening, and comprehensive design.

Assystem Stup teams enabled to:

  • AAppoint contractor for construction of bridges
  • Improve coordination between disciplines
  • Avoid reworks and delays in construction activities, thanks to global and holistic overview of activities and equipment
  • Find engineering solutions for construction challenges that will arise during construction phases
  • Quality assurance/Quality control checks and inspection post construction

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