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Dholera, Gujarat
Cities & Territorial Development

Project Description

The Government of India and Government of Gujarat are jointly developing the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) as a hub for economic activities.
It is planned to create an economically and socially balanced smart city with world-class infrastructure and highest quality-of-life standards including a sustainable urban transportation system.

Assystem STUP has enabled to:

  • Avoid reworks and delays in construction activities, thanks to global and holistic overview of activities and equipment
  • Improve coordination between utilities, electrical networks and concrete facilities thanks to solving all design clashes
  • Improve the construction timeline thanks to solving all clashes between the various systems
  • Easing communication and coordination, and finding engineering solutions for construction challenges

All of this through use of advanced and dedicated software and BIM, most notable for utility clash analysis while developing the integrated utility service corridor.

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