Assystem has been selected to lead a transformative urban development project in the Anantapuramu Hindupur Urban Development Authority (AHUDA) region.

The project will deliver a major new development to agriculture, industry, arts, tourism, housing, and renewable energy that will benefit people in 184 villages in the region.

The Assystem team will lead on the planning and design of the entire project, that spans an area of 3120 This significant regeneration will draw on Assystem’s key strengths in urban planning for sustainable development projects and low carbon energy projects.

The project is a collaborative effort between Assystem and the Center for Symbiosis of Technology, Environment, and Management (STEM). The initiative is commissioned by the Anantapuramu Hindupur Urban Development Authority (AHUDA) with the goal of revitalising the region and fostering sustainable growth. Key aspects of the project include:
Harnessing Green Energy: The project aims to mitigate environmental impacts by promoting alternative and green energy sources. Strategies include minimizing the loss of green cover due to windmill installations and earmarking zones for solar farms based on demand estimates.
Promoting Traditional Arts and Crafts: To promote traditional arts and crafts, the project proposes supporting sericulture and weaving activities by providing necessary infrastructure at the household level. Large-scale weaving processes with essential infrastructure and market facilities are also planned.
Reviving the Agriculture Sector: The project advocates for the revival of the agriculture sector by reserving land for agricultural activities and implementing zoning provisions to prevent conflicts with industrial endeavours. Additionally, plans include the establishment of markets, food parks, and shopping areas along NH44 to bolster agricultural trade.

Ratheesh Balaraman, Head of Area, Urban Planning and Environment said, “The AHUDA project marks a significant step towards sustainable urbanisation and economic prosperity in the region. By incorporating innovative solutions and stakeholder engagement, the initiative strives to create a model for inclusive and resilient development in Anantapuramu, Hindupur, and Dharmavaram AHUDA region.”