Assystem in India is pioneering the development of sustainably designed Electronics Manufacturing Clusters (EMCs) in Karnataka, marking a significant milestone in the region’s electronic manufacturing landscape.

The Kotur-Belur EMC, spearheaded by Assystem, is poised to offer world-class, technically advanced, and environmentally sustainable business support services. With a focus on sustainability, this development minimizes its environmental impact through innovative design and construction practices.

Key sustainable features of the Kotur-Belur EMC include:

  • Bye-laws compliant master planning
  • Zero discharge common wastewater treatment systems

These initiatives not only enhance environmental sustainability but also contribute to energy conservation and resource efficiency.

Aligned with the Government of India’s proactive measures and Karnataka’s vision for electronic manufacturing clusters, the project is strategically positioned to capitalize on the burgeoning opportunities within India’s electronics sector. Spanning 224.5 acres in Dharwad, the Kotur-Belur EMC is set to create robust infrastructure for electronic industries, driving transformative growth and innovation.

Key features of the project:

  • Planning internal road networks spanning 6.02 km,
  • Curating storm water management systems encompassing 9.68 km of Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) box-type drains
  • Building a comprehensive water supply and distribution infrastructure entailing to sourcing freshwater from the Malaprabha River, treated at a water treatment plant (WTP) in Kotur village, and transmitted to the EMC through a network of HDPE pipes
  • Ensuring a sustainable water resource for industrial needs
  • Integrates wastewater collection and treatment facilities, with a common wastewater treatment plant (CWWTP) proposed to handle industrial effluents and sewage

Endorsed by the Karnataka Innovation & Technology Society, the project aims at advancing electronic manufacturing capabilities in Karnataka taking into account sustainable growth. With a comprehensive range of services, including market studies, engineering design, and economic analysis, the project exemplifies Assystem’s expertise in driving innovation.

Ratheesh Balaraman, Head of Area, Urban Planning and Environment said: “With Assystem’s expertise steering the project, the Kotur-Belur EMC is poised to emerge as a beacon of excellence, driving technological innovation and economic prosperity in Karnataka and beyond.