In a significant achievement, Assystem Stup has secured the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) contract for implementing critical water supply schemes in Bagalkote District, Karnataka. The Rural Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation Department, Karnataka, has entrusted Assystem Stup with the responsibility of overseeing the projects aimed at enhancing water accessibility to rural habitations. The 23-month project, undertaken as part of the Jal Jeevan Mission, involved the provision of Project Management Consultancy for multiple schemes in rural habitations.

The schemes included a water supply scheme in Jamakhandi and Rabakavi-Banahatti Taluks, a Multi Village Drinking Water Supply Scheme covering various Taluks, and schemes focused on Ilkal, Hunagund, and Badami-Kerur Town.

Bagalkote District, with its rich cultural heritage and tourist attractions, faced water scarcity issues, primarily relying on existing groundwater sources. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, the Rural Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation Department, Karnataka have collaborated with Assystem Stup to implement these transformative projects under the Prime Minister’s ambitious initiative Jal Jeevan Mission announced on August 15, 2019. The Jal Jeevan Mission’s objective align with Assystem Stup’s commitment to sustainable development. These include providing functional tap connections to households, ensuring water sustainability, employing advanced technologies for pure water, wastewater management, and comprehensive support activities. Bagalkote District’s JJM water supply scheme spans nine taluks, aiming to address the water needs of those villages and habitations that are in greatest need.

Assystem Stup’s Project Management Consultancy covered pre-construction, construction, trial run and commissioning, and post-construction phases. The consultancy acts as an extended arm of the client managing the technical and contractual aspects of the project to ensure its successful completion within the agreed timeline and budget. Assystem Stup will act as an intermediary between the government, implementing agency and various stakeholders involved in the project, ensuring compliance with technical requirements, quality control, and timely project completion. This achievement signifies Assystem Stup’s dedication to excellence, contributing to the broader vision of solving water scarcity issues in Bagalkote District permanently.

Sushma Bhat, Regional Director South said, “The successful collaboration with the Rural Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation Department underscores Assystem Stup’s commitment to impactful infrastructure development and sustainable solutions for communities.