Assystem Stup awarded contract for Phase 2 of Human Capital Development in Meghalaya

Assystem Stup has been awarded a contract to lead Phase 2 of the “Supporting Human Capital Development” project in Meghalaya. This comprehensive consulting initiative aims to elevate education and skill development opportunities throughout the state. The project is a key initiative in the Government’s drive to improve infrastructure across the country and invest in educational facilities that will support the growth of India’s economy.

Assystem Stup’s role includes preparing a preliminary design, conducting site assessments, and providing detailed cost estimations for various educational institutes. With a strategic focus on secondary and higher secondary school education, the project seeks to fortify technical and vocational skills training in Meghalaya.
The proposed sites encompass polytechnic institutes, DIET institutes, public schools, government secondary and higher secondary schools, with an emphasis on both new constructions and renovation projects.

The project’s approach involves a meticulous methodology, including site assessments, stakeholder consultations, and feasibility studies. Assystem Stup is committed to integrating sustainability, ensuring quality management, and fostering community engagement to secure long-term benefits for the region.
The proposed timeline spans 43-48 months, underlining Assystem Stup’s dedication to steering Meghalaya towards a brighter future through comprehensive human capital development.

Abhijeet Desai, Head of Building & Architecture division at Assystem Stup said, “Currently ranked 24th in literacy in India, Meghalaya aspires to enhance its educational landscape by addressing accessibility, infrastructure, and sustainability. Assystem Stup’s expertise promises to guide the transformation of Meghalaya’s educational infrastructure by establishing skills development centers, and promoting industry-academia collaboration.”