Assystem Stup has been awarded a 3D and 5D modeling contract on a large water and effluent treatment plant which involves supporting the client to build a state-of-the-art treatment facility. Assystem’s advanced 5D Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution will enable accurate estimation, tracking, and control of project expenses throughout the construction process.

Assystem Stup uses its digital expertise to generate insights that helps water assets become more cost-effective.

The contract entails assisting the client to gather data, work smarter, perform better and use less energy. Assystem Stup will deploy its industry-leading knowledge with cutting-edge digital expertise to define, develop, and implement bespoke solutions for the projects. Assystem’s digital technologies will reduce the burden of low-added value tasks for engineers. The quick and efficient development of new infrastructure, enabled by the adoption of these tools, will help sustainable management of water resources, benefiting thousands of local people.

Victor Richet, Assystem Stup, Digital Head, said: “By creating a comprehensive digital model inclusive of up to 5D BIM technology, we can accurately attain a level of precision that allows us to improve preparation and planning, minimise errors, optimise project parameters, ensure efficient utilisation of resources during construction, and identify and manage bottlenecks and roadblocks earlier. Through Assystem Stup’s digital expertise, we can provide our client with unparalleled technical and financial control, ultimately resulting in timely completion and reduced costs.”