Assystem Stup has launched a series of multi-day walk-in recruitment drives in its offices across India with a view to bringing in skilled engineering talent which will support the development of low-carbon infrastructure and drive the country’s energy transition.

From 6th to 8th April 2023, prospective candidates, including recent graduates and experienced professionals, were invited to Assystem Stup’s Bengaluru office to gain insight on the range of exciting projects the company is involved in. Over 28 hires were made as a result, including Lead Engineers, Bridge Design Engineers and Water Design Engineers. Further events are set to take place at Assystem Stup’s offices in Mumbai and Kolkata.

Assystem Stup is focused on developing new solutions to build faster, improve the performance of complex infrastructures, and accelerate the development of nuclear and renewable energies, electricity networks, hydrogen projects and low-carbon transport. Its mass hiring drives are being conducted to meet the rising demands of the business to support forthcoming projects.

The company is seeking people who relish a fast-paced working environment and bringing value to clients. Assystem Stup is committed to providing opportunities to its employees to work on complex projects, where they can demonstrate their ability to innovate to the benefit of the company’s clients, local communities, and India’s energy transition as a whole.

New employees will join Assystem’s Switchers community – a 6500+ strong collective of experts who are committed to addressing climate change through the deployment of low-carbon energy and infrastructure solutions. They will have access to extensive training programs and opportunities for career development within Assystem via the company’s internal Switch and Act for Knowledge platform.

Assystem Stup is a diversity-focused business, invested in recruiting women to exciting new roles in the energy transition, transportation, infrastructure and digital business. This vision is being achieved through a series of recruitment drives and other inclusive recruitment practices, as well as through the training and mentoring initiatives delivered to women as part of the company’s recently launched gender diversity programme, Incredible women.

Ashish Tandon, Managing Director of Assystem Stup, said: “We are pleased to be able to offer so many exciting roles in the energy transition, transportation, infrastructure and digital segments, and welcome candidates from varied backgrounds to consider a career with Assystem Stup. Whether you have recently graduated or have more than a decade of experience under your belt, there are opportunities for you in our community of Switchers.”