Assystem Stup launch ‘Incredible Women’ – an initiative to create an equitable work environment and reach workforce diversity.

Women are set to play a major role in India’s development in energy transition, transportation and infrastructure projects as Assystem Stup commits to sustainable progress towards gender equity and diversity. Under its gender diversity programme, the company launched ‘Incredible Women’ in the month of March, 2023. It states about embracing equality, diversity and inclusion.

The programme is focused on driving up the number of women in the company, particularly at senior positions and leadership roles through activity delivered across three pillars: Recruit, Retain and Evolve.

Through this initiative, Assystem Stup is taking steps to ensure that the company’s culture and inclusion practices reflect the company’s CSR commitments incorporated in its Switch and Act for People initiative.

Assystem Stup’s three pillars for the Incredible Women initiative


Assystem Stup is seeking to increase the percentage of women recruited over the coming years through inclusive recruitment practices, which will be delivered through workshops from the talent acquisition team. Our training and awareness programme focuses on encouraging women to take up technical and scientific career opportunities. Our Management Team is committed to fighting against discrimination and gender bias, endeavouring to create a positive working environment which appeals to women employees.


Besides doubling the number of women in the company’s talent pool, Assystem Stup is identifying new ways to help keep its workforce motivated and satisfied. Under this pillar, the company has undertaken various initiatives to support the retention of employees:

  • Sponsorship Programme: Assystem Stup has ambassadors in every region to ensure the delivery of the initiative locally and deploy actions which promote gender equality. The actions will be planned via conferences, exhibitions, and breakfasts with an inspiring speaker.
  • Lunch & Learn: Targeting individual personal development, this event aims to help women achieve their full potential in the workplace.


With a growing number of women employees, Assystem Stup is establishing career progression plans tailored to the aspirations of each member of staff. The aim is to ensure the progress of women employees and access to corporate hierarchical levels. Initiatives include:

  • Management Team’s Commitment: Quarterly meetings with the management team to keep women employees informed about the roadmap devised for the quarter to maintain supportive working environment.
  • Shadowing Programme: Providing women employees the opportunity to spend time with mentors to define their career path.

Additionally, Assystem Stup has introduced other policies such a:

POSH Policy: To protect women against any kind of harassment, in line with “The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. We also promote “zero tolerance” of inappropriate behaviour. It also safeguards women against everyday sexism at work.

Care for You: We launched this initiative in the year 2022 with an aim to promote wellness programmes within the organization. Every month, under this initiative we have health talks on healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness along with eye & dental camps.

The company is taking action to deliver gender equality by committing to the following:

  • Everyone can fully participate in the workplace, regardless of gender.
  • Equal pay and benefits for equal work and equal consideration of needs.
  • Acceptance and understanding of, rather than discrimination against, those who have caregiving and family responsibilities.