Assystem STUP Is Ready to Support India’s Nuclear-Powered Future

Preparations are underway at the award-winning engineering consultancy, Assystem STUP, to partner India in its vision for a low-carbon economy anchored by over 40GW of new nuclear power.

The firm, which has a long history in civil engineering, is tapping into the resources of parent company Assystem to bring a comprehensive engineering, digital and project management offer, supported by a large talent pool with strong technical capability to a swathe of nuclear new build projects in India.

India’s Nuclear Energy Ambitions

Today, India has an installed capacity of approximately 416 GW, with thermal power sources such as coal, oil, and gas accounting for over 60% of its energy generation. Recognising the need for a greener and more sustainable future, the Indian government has set its sights on achieving net-zero emissions by 2070. To accomplish this goal, the replacement of all fossil fuel-based power generation is imperative.

The State of Play for Nuclear Power in India

Currently, nuclear power accounts for less than 2% of India’s overall energy supply, however nine nuclear power plants are presently under construction, and further plans have been announced for an additional ten reactors, with tenders already floated for two reactors and eight more in the pipeline.

Over the next decade, a total of 19 reactors are expected to be under various stages of construction. In addition, 18 imported reactors are planned, including the 9900MW Jaitapur project, which is set to be the largest nuclear power plant in the world. Overall, India plans to build around 37 reactors over the next two decades, underlining its commitment to expanding nuclear power generation.

Small Modular Reactor Technology

India is also exploring the prospects of Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology. SMRs offer potential advantages in terms of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and construction efficiency. The government is actively considering the deployment of SMRs as part of its long-term energy strategy as a replacement for the aging thermal power plants.

Assystem STUP’s Expertise

To support the country’s nuclear construction projects, Assystem STUP has been actively involved in the design of containment structures. With a total of 16 indigenous PHWR nuclear containment designs under its belt, STUP’s contribution represents the evolution and advancement of these crucial engineering components in the field of nuclear power.

Assystem STUP will also tap into an international skill base provided by parent company Assystem, such as siting and environment service specialists in Turkey, grid infrastructure professionals situated in Uzbekistan, and whole nuclear lifecycle and construction management experts in France and the UK.

Dr Kalirajan Sivagnana, Senior Vice President and Head of Energy, Assystem STUP, said: “Assystem STUP is proud to contribute to India’s ambitious drive towards a low-carbon energy mix, underpinned by nuclear power. With our comprehensive engineering, digital, and project management expertise, supported by a talented team of nuclear professionals, we are dedicated to supporting India’s nuclear new build projects. Our commitment to the Indian government’s ambitions aligns with our shared vision for a sustainable future powered by clean energy.”