Master Planning & Construction Supervision of Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation

Karnataka, India
Environment & Water Development

Project Description

The project concerns water supply, sewerage and storm water drainage components for an area of 598 covering a population of 65 lakhs for Bengaluru City for 2025 horizon.

Assystem Stup scope of work was to prepare a master plan involving assessment of drainage area, population & flow forecast, detailed hydraulic designs for suggesting system augmentation to meet the future flows, identification of water supply and sewer assets viz. minor and major water supply and sewer pipelines (150 mm. upto 2600 mm. dia.), refurbishment of WTP & STP units, identification of location of treatment plant, pumping stations, suggestion of methodologies for treatment, sewer inspection and renovation measures to the existing water supply and sewer network, preparation of cost estimates, staging of works, preparation of maps and drawings using GIS and construction supervision of pilot projects.

The total length of minor sewers is about 250 km and major sewers is about 200 km. Rehabilitation measures were proposed for 90 km length of minor sewers. The existing sewage treatment plants, including presently ongoing works, were designed with a combined total capacity of about 500 MLD and additional 250 MLD sewage treatment plants were required to handle the additional flow.

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