Civil Design Services for Sewage Treatment Plant

Lansab, Muscat
Environment & Water Development

Project Description

This 120 MLD capacity sewage treatment plant, at Lansab near Muscat airport, is designed as an activated sludge plant with an extended aeration process. The process flow for the treated quality of effluent is designed as per British standards to satisfy the stringent requirements of the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Sultanate of Oman. The large quantity of good quality effluent water, thus made available, is used for irrigating plants and trees through a drip system. The plant, which is constructed as a RCC inter-connected structure above ground level, consists of an aeration tank, a settling tank, a balancing tank, a sludge tank, a chlorine contact tank and an effluent tank along with a plant room housing raw sewage pumps, air blowers, sludge return pumps, a chlorine dosing pump, multimedia pressure filters, filter feed pumps, irrigation/backwash pumps and control panels.

Assystem Stup provided civil design services to our client Oman Shapoorji Company LLC.

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