Assystem Stup has been appointed as a general consultant to support the development and modernisation of rail routes within India’s central rail zone. The zone features the very first Indian rail routes built in 1853 and with lines connecting Mumbai, Pune, Itarsi and Nagpur, it is also one of India’s largest and most heavily used.

Railway development represents a key opportunity to decarbonise the country’s transport sector, with high quality public transport links directly contributing to reductions in traffic congestion, local air pollution and atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions.

Between 2023 and 2024, India’s government has allocated a record sum of Rs 2400bn ($US 32.9bn) to upgrade and modernise key routes, including Rs 375bn for new rolling stock and fleet modernisation.

Central Railways, the government body which operates the central zone, appointed Assystem Stup as general consultant due to its record of strong technical delivery and large-scale infrastructure project management. The company’s expert teams will work with Central Railways to facilitate the coordination and support of the zonal and divisional tiers.

The all-encompassing project will see Assystem Stup demonstrate its project management prowess from the initial appraisal stage through to completion. The company’s teams will manage project progress reviews, implementation monitoring, technical advisory services, and financial advisory insights, as well as being responsible for managing contractors, legal, and commercial aspects.

To support future phases of the central rail zone’s development, Assystem Stup’s teams will also be supporting the development of the programme management systems in addition to managing and refining the procurement and bid process for lots within this large development programme.

Anil P. Nikam, Regional Director, Assystem Stup, said: “We take immense pride in our role as general consultant for this major project. Our commitment to technical excellence and infrastructure mastery drives us as we lay the tracks for progress. Assystem Stup is honoured to be the engine of modernisation for India’s central rail zone, a key project which will help to enhance cost-effective low-carbon public transport in the region.