The enchanting landscapes of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in India are poised to become more accessible, thanks to an ambitious initiative by the National Highways Logistics Management Limited (NHLML). Under the Parvatmala Programme, NHLML has embarked on a journey to transform transportation and tourism in the states, unlocking significant economic activity, through the strategic development of multiple ropeway projects, and has selected Assystem Stup as a key partner.

Pre-feasibility Studies: Paving the Path for Sustainable Development

The cornerstone of NHLML’s Parvatmala Programme lies in conducting pre-feasibility studies that delve deep into the viability and potential of ropeway installations. The partnership with Assystem STUP for these prefeasibility studies marks a significant milestone in the realisation of this ambitious program.

Assessment and Data Collection: Laying the Groundwork

The first step towards transforming a vision into reality involves a comprehensive assessment and data collection process. Assystem STUP’s experts undertook reconnaissance surveys and on-site visits to gather essential data about potential project sites. This invaluable groundwork was complemented by an analysis of secondary data, including tourism trends and local demographics.

Traffic Projection: Anticipating Demand

An integral aspect of the prefeasibility study is the analysis of historical and anticipated tourist footfall. By extrapolating trends and considering future tourism projections, Assystem STUP experts estimated the expected demand for the ropeway services in the designated regions.

Proposed Technology: A Blend of Innovation and Pragmatism

Selecting the right technology for the ropeway systems is a decision that carries profound implications for safety, capacity, and environmental impact. Assystem STUP’s experts meticulously evaluated various ropeway technologies and determined the most suitable ones for the specified regions.

Cost Estimation: Realistic Financial Perspectives

The financial aspect of any project is a critical determinant of its feasibility. Assystem STUP’s prefeasibility study provided an initial estimation of project costs, encompassing both construction and operational expenses.

Techno-Economic Viability: A Holistic Assessment

At the crossroads of technology and economics lies the vital assessment of techno-economic viability. Assystem STUP’s role extended to aiding the relevant authorities in assessing the overall feasibility of the ropeway projects.

Vikas Chopra, Chief Operating Officer, Assystem Stup said: “Through partnership and precision, NHLML and Assystem STUP are not just developing ropeway systems; they’re crafting pathways to a more accessible, sustainable, and promising future for the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. We are proud to be deploying our expertise to support the first stage of this exciting project.