Consultancy & Project Management for Design of Electricity Transmission and Distribution Grids


Project Description

Uzbekistan is increasing its electricity production capacity and rapidly modernizing its electricity networks. The country also wants to integrate renewables, thermal and nuclear electricity generation facilities.
A major player in the energy industry has a main design office that does not yet benefit from technical references or modern design resources to meet this challenge. They called upon us to operate as an international partner to facilitate this transition and access to international practices.

As part of our project scope, we are analysing existing standards with current international standards (GOST, I3E, IEC, ISO) and their possible applications in Uzbekistan, updating the electrical standards by establishing a college of international technical experts with Uzbek representatives, deploying new means of electrical design (3D, calculations, etc.), and implementing new means of IT infrastructures and project management.
Thanks to the reshaping of the engineering approach through the use of new tools and the modernization of standards, the customer will benefit from reduction of CAPEX and OPEX, improvement in system reliability, design optimization and construction lead times.

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