Assystem is undertaking Project Management Consultancy Services for the Malad Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF) as part of the Mumbai Sewage Disposal Project (MSDP). This initiative is a key project of MSDP Stage II that will significantly improve the water infrastructure and long-term public health for the citizens of Mumbai.

The upgrading of the Malad WWTF is part of a nationwide programme of investment and improvement in water treatment facilities. The development of a new and advanced treatment facility adjacent to the existing preliminary treatment site is essential to meet increasing demand and to comply with higher treatment standards.

The project prioritizes sustainability, with a focus on maximizing the reuse of treated sewage for secondary purposes such as irrigation, industrial cooling, and construction. This approach not only conserves freshwater resources but also ensures compliance with the stringent effluent standards mandated by the National Green Tribunal.

Environmental considerations have been rigorously addressed on the project, which concerns a site spanning 35 hectares, and the Assystem team will be involved with implementing innovative engineering solutions such as the use of Geotextile materials for soil stabilization and embankment construction.

Rahul Gupta, Head of the Water Team at Assystem in India, said “This project draws on Assystem’s expertise in water management and its commitment to advancing sustainable environmental solutions. We are delighted to have been selected to work on MSDP. Our teams are experienced in the field of sustainable engineering, and they are committed to delivering a successful project for the client.